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  • Basic Guitar Chords

    The Basic Guitar Chords Here

  • Guitar Chord Diagrams

    How to read Guitar Chord Diagrams

  • How to read Guitar Tab

    Learn how to read tab!

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It was my love for the guitar that first got me into music and singing.

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Guitar Explained

  • Guitar Chord

    A guitar chord is 3 Notes

  • Melody

    A melody is a tune

  • Rhythm

    Rhythm is the beat of the song

  • Progression

    A progression is the order chords are played

  • Fret

    A fret is the space in which you play a note

  • Guitar By Numbers

    Strings, frets and fingers are all numbered

  • Acoustic Guitar

    An acoustic does not require electric amplification

  • Plectrum

    Plectrum is another word for a guitar pick

  • Strumming

    Strumming is when you play all the strings together

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