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 It's True! Playing Guitar is the coolest thing you can do!
But we all need HELP!

Are you or your child struggling to learn the guitar? 

Whether you're grappling with where to start, stuck in a learning rut, or need guidance to take your skills to the next level, I have the guitar solution right here.

Frustrated by confusing tutorials, lack of direction, or the slow progress that makes you want to give up? 

Unlock the GUITARIST IN YOU or your child, regardless of your starting point, and let those difficulties become a thing of the past!

Who is Adrian Curran?

Hi! I'm Adrian and thanks for dropping by!

I am from Warrenpoint, Co. Down, N. Ireland.

I am music and guitar fan for as long as I can remember!

I have been playing and teaching guitar combined for nearly 27 years.

I have played guitar in countless bands, venues and genres over many years.

I have taught hundreds of students in person and online from Absolute Beginner to Advanced

I am thrilled to have been part of their guitar playing journey.

With my help, you will learn to play the music you love on guitar, embrace the challenge and celebrate the joy of music as a new guitarist!

For beginners who need help getting started and guitar players who need help getting out of a rut!

You can learn to play either an Acoustic or Electric Guitar!

Check out my amazing Guitar lesson Bundles below!

 I struggled on my own!

When I started to play guitar there was no online guitar lessons like today and no local private guitar teachers to help me learn how to play.

A guitar was bought for my brother who went to guitar lessons at our local primary school (I started my musical career as a drummer!!!)

He wasn't really interested in guitar. He was more into sport and football.

However, he attended the lessons - got shown some chords, drew the guitar chord diagrams out on a jotter and brought them home!

He got the teaching at school and I did his practising at home. (I just loved music so much I soaked up as much as I could)

I won't lie to you!

I know what it is like to really want to play guitar but get frustrated at every turn!

I wanted to give up learning guitar many times in despair fearing I would never play guitar well. 

It's not a nice feeling, don't you agree?

Why am I telling you all of this?

Well...I so wanted to learn how to play guitar but had no one to help me.

It doesn't have to be that way (that's one of the reasons I do what I do)

I am here to help you!

I want to provide you or your child with the help and the support to make sure you forge a relationship with the guitar and music that lasts a lifetime!

I am so excited you are closer to getting started on a personal life goal as an adult or on behalf of your son or daughter to play guitar.

I have guitar lesson programmes to help everyone - an absolute beginner just starting out; down the road a bit with your guitar playing or needing some killer advanced guitar technique.

I will help you skyrocket your progress on guitar.

What do you get in your Guitar Lesson Bundle?

One to One Guitar Lessons
Free Access to the Guitar Base App
Guitar Helpline
The 3 P's Guitar Framework for Guitar Playing Success
Convenient Online Booking
Loads and Loads of Guitar Bonuses

You Choose > In-person, 1 to 1 at my Warrenpoint Based Guitar Studio or LIVE online wherever you have an internet connection!

Check out my student Jonny who is 9 years old!

What some of my students say

Amazing Guitar Teacher

Amazing guitar teacher. My daughter started guitar lessons with him when she was 14. She's now in her second year in Queens studying music, and full of confidence. I would truly recommend Adrian Curran Guitar Tutor for lessons whether it's for confidence or progress.

Anne Marie Rooney


Extremely Patient

Have been taking lessons for a few months now. Adrian is extremely patient and an excellent teacher. I would highly recommend starting guitar lessons here.

Adrian Curran Guitar Tutor Reviews

Liam McArdle


5 Stars from Me

Wee Joseph loves his lessons he's learning so much Adrian is very patient with him. He's coming on so well. Would highly recommend. 5 stars from me thanks Adrian

Adrian Curran Guitar Tutor Reviews

Kerry Hawthorne


What you will learn on Guitar with me!

Adrian Curran Guitars

Just Starting Out

1. Parts of the Guitar | Holding the Guitar & Pick | Guitar By Numbers
2. Picking Technique | Play Your First Melody
3. Playing Your first Guitar Chord
4. Play your first Chord Progressions
5. Play your first song on Guitar
6. Learn to read Guitar Tab and Chord Charts
7. Play Guitar with a Metronome
8. Learn to play more Guitar Chords
9. Learn any Song on Guitar
10. Record your first Guitar Video

Can play a bit!

1. Play the Major Scale in all keys
2. Play the Minor Scale in all keys
3. Play the Pentatonic Scale in all keys
4. Play the Essential Lead Guitar Techniques
5. Learn to how to string bend notes
6. Learn to hammer on and pull off guitar notes
7. Learn how to improve your speed
8. Learn guitar scale positions
9. Learn how to improvise guitar solos
10. Record a professional guitar track

Lift it up a gear!

1. Understanding The Major Scale
2. How to construct a Major Chord
3. How to construct a Minor Chord
4. Scales and Modes Theory
5. The Harmonised Major Scale
6. Learning chord progression theory
7. The Circle of Fifths
8. Learn about 7th and Major Seventh Chords
9. The Guitar Theory Summarised!
 10. Applying the theory to your guitar playing


Adrian Curran Guitar Tuition

My private guitar lessons are a 1 to 1 guitar lesson lasting 30 minutes.

I am based in Warrenpoint Town Centre.

I teach guitar in a professional and comfortable guitar studio based in my home. 

Adrian Curran Learn Guitar Online

If you cannot get to me in person - do not worry - you can still learn guitar with my Live, Interactive, Online Guitar Lessons.

As one student recently said to me after a live, interactive, online guitar lesson:

"It's like I'm in the room with you learning guitar"

Professional cameras, cutting edge software and high quality sound enables me to give you a superb guitar lesson wherever you are in the world (and you don't have to even leave your home).

The pandemic may restrict us in other areas of life but it won't stop us from safely and soundly progressing with our guitar playing journey (you can see a video of the Live, Interactive, Online Guitar Lessons below)

While you are attending private tuition, you will have access to my Guitar Base App were you will get access to online video lessons, tips and support.

Pricing Options

Guitar Lessons Packages


3 Guitar Lessons

3 x 30 minutes sessions

Access to Guitar Base anytime, anywhere!

All Practice Material Online

Weekly Practice Ping

Free Novelty Guitar Gift

Online | In Person | Voucher


5 Guitar Lessons

5 x 30 minutes sessions

Access to Guitar Base anytime, anywhere!

All Practice Material Online

Weekly Practice Ping

Free Novelty Guitar Gift

Online | In Person | Voucher

Best Value


10 Guitar Lessons

10 x 30 minutes sessions

Access to Guitar Base anytime, anywhere!

5 Guitar Picks and Pick Holder

All Practice Material Online

Weekly Practice Ping

Guitar Helpline

Free Novelty Guitar Gift

Online | In Person | Voucher

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