Adrian Curran Guitars Kids Playbook

Unlock Your Child's
Musical Potential Today

How to Make learning Guitar Joyful Through Play

Playful Learning Magic Colourful pages, guitar chords, and videos create enchanting musical education
Guitar Video Lessons Easy-to-follow tutorials for guitar chord mastery
Interactive Guitar Games Playful learning reinforces chord recognition and knowledge
Empowering Creative Expression Vibrant colouring fosters musical passion and confidence.
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"Guitar for Kids in a Fun and Easy Way"

Mary Jackson


The Ultimate Guitar Playbook for Kids

Colour, Learn, Strum Guitar

My Kid's Guitar Playbook helps you explore the fun world of Guitar


The perfect blend of traditional learning and modern technology, designed specifically to explore the magical world of music


The playbook offers a refreshing and enjoyable approach to learning making difficult, complex guitar chords easier to remember. 


The playbook taps into their creativity. Imagine their excitement as they match a cute eagle to the majestic E major chord

David Savage


Adrian Curran Kid's Guitar Playbook Kids Fun

Watch their skills flourish through interactive online games!

See what the amazing parents are saying


As a parent, I'm so grateful for this playbook! It's not just about guitar; it's about building confidence and a lifelong love for music in my child through fun

Mary Jackson 

Mother, Belfast


This playbook is pure brilliance! I'm thrilled my child enjoys practicing chords with such enthusiasm, and the online games are a big hit too

David Savage

Dad, Dublin

Adrian Curran Guitars Kids Playbook

How to Make learning Guitar Joyful Journey Through Play

If you're a parent looking to introduce your child to guitar, don't hesitate! The Kid's Guitar Playbook is a wonderful fun and creative investment in their musical journey!

Over 40 PAGES of colouring in, games, Chord Searches
Scan the QR Code to unlock the online guitar lessons & games
12 Online Guitar Chord Videos
10 Interactive Online Guitar Games
Learn Guitar the Fun Way!
Adrian Curran Guitar Playbook Kids book

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No exaggeration, this playbook has exceeded all expectations! Seeing my child proudly strumming chords is a sight I'll cherish forever

David Savage

Dad, Dublin