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Essential Steps for Buying a Starter Guitar for Your Child

Determine the right size: Choose a guitar size that fits your child's age and build
Don't buy a toy: make a purchase from a reputable guitar professional
Consider guitar type: Decide between acoustic, classical, or electric based on your child's interests.
Assess playability: Ensure a comfortable neck size and lower string action for small hands
Opt for quality construction: Check for durability, solid tops (acoustic), and secure components.
Test sound quality: Listen for clear and balanced tones without buzzing or vibrations
Consider included accessories: Check for gig bags, picks, tuners, or instructional materials.
Set a budget: Determine a reasonable budget for a good-quality starter guitar.
Seek professional advice: Consult with music teachers or experienced guitarists for guidance

What size / age is your child?

Guitar Sizes Explained

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Confused about what guitar size to buy for your child? Click your child's age below to see perfect guitar for your child!


AGED 5-8

This 1/2 sized guitar is the perfect starter guitar for a child aged 5-8!

AGED 9-12

This 3/4 sized guitar is the perfect starter guitar for a child aged 9-12!

AGED 12 +

This 4/4 sized guitar is the perfectstarter guitar for a child aged 12+

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I am a professional guitarist from Warrenpoint, N. Ireland.

I currently play guitar with the successful function duo "Those Guys".

I specialise in the sale of Starter Guitars to help parents make the right choice for their child who wants to play guitar

I teach private one on one guitar lessons from my guitar studio based in Warrenpoint, Co. Down.

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