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Adrian Curran guitars basics of guitar chord progressions

Transform Your Guitar Dreams into Reality with Guitar Momentum

adrian curran guitars guitar momentum no guitar no problem

Ever caught yourself thinking, 

'If only I had the time—and the guitar—I'd dive into playing without a second thought'?

What if the only thing you’ve been waiting for is the right nudge?

Hey, it’s Adrian here, inviting you into the world of Guitar Momentum, crafted for those who’ve tucked away their guitar dreams, thinking the barrier was always time, not having a guitar.

Guitar Momentum shatters those barriers. It’s a one-on-one adventure that slots right into your life, no matter how packed your schedule is. 

And the guitar? That’s on me. 

You won’t need to worry about picking the right one, or making that investment before you’re absolutely ready.

With my Guitar Base app, your journey to strumming your first song is literally at your fingertips, offering support, resources, and scheduling that fits your life, not the other way around.

Concerned about the commitment of buying a guitar? 

I’ve taken that worry off your plate. 

Use one of my guitars. 

This way, you jump straight into playing, feeling the strings, and discovering the joy of music. It’s about removing the 'what ifs' and replacing them with 'why nots.'

Whether you’ve never held a guitar or you’re coming back to an old flame, Guitar Momentum is your place to thrive, to explore, and to fulfil those musical dreams.

No undue pressure—just you, a guitar, and the potential to create something beautiful.

So, are you ready to let go of the hesitations and embrace the music?

Let’s bring those guitar dreams to the forefront with Guitar Momentum

Your moment, and your guitar, await


Guitar Learning Revolutionised

Located in Warrenpoint, Adrian Curran Guitars offers a unique solution for those who wish to learn the guitar but do not own one. 

Participants in the Guitar Momentum Experience are provided with a high-quality guitar to use throughout their lessons and for practice at home, mirroring the convenience of borrowing a book from the library, but with music.

No Initial Guitar Investment Required

The program includes a free guitar loan, with only a refundable deposit required. 

This initiative ensures that every aspiring guitarist can start their journey without the financial burden of purchasing an instrument upfront.

adrian curran guitars guitar momentum no guitar no problem

Tailored, One-on-One Instruction

Forget about the one-size-fits-all approach. Guitar Momentum offers personalised, one-on-one lessons that are meticulously designed to fit into even the busiest of schedules. 

These sessions are not just about learning chords and melodies; they're about creating a personal connection with music, at your own pace and on your own time.

Adrian curran guitars how to play barre chords

24/7 Access with the Guitar Base App

To complement the in-person lessons, the Guitar Base app acts as your round-the-clock guitar guru. 

Whether you missed a detail in your lesson or find inspiration in the middle of the night, the app is ready with lessons, tunes, and practice materials to keep your progress on track.

Stay Motivated with Weekly Practice Pings

The journey to guitar mastery requires consistent practice. To help you stay on course, the Guitar Momentum Experience includes weekly practice pings. 

These friendly reminders are more than just nudges to practice; they're a sign of Adrian's commitment to your musical growth.

A Solution to Every Obstacle

Guitar Momentum addresses every "but" and "if only" that has ever stood in the way of learning guitar. 

From eliminating the need to initially purchase a guitar to providing support through tailored lessons and an innovative app, every aspect of the program is designed to ensure your success.

From Beginner to Enthusiast: A Seamless Journey

If you're ready to turn your guitar-playing dreams into reality, the Guitar Momentum Experience awaits. 

Sign up today and embark on a musical adventure that promises not just to teach you how to play but to transform you into a musician.

Sign up to Guitar Momentum Experience HERE

If you have already got your own guitar, check out my Guitar Lesson Bundles HERE

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Check out my online guitar videos

For beginners Guitar Barre Chords learning how to play guitar chord progressions, start with simple sequences and gradually work up to more complex ones.

Check out the video below!

Adrian Curran Guitar Momentum No Guitar No Problem

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adrian Curran Guitar beginner online guitar lessons 1200 H
Mastering Guitar Fundamentals: Finger Placement, Strength, and Coordination

Mastering Guitar Fundamentals: Finger Placement, Strength, and Coordination

Basics of chord progressions

Basics of chord progressions

Barre chords

Barre chords

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About ME

adrian Curran guitar Tutor

Hi there, guitar friends! Adrian here, from Warrenpoint, Co. Down Ireland bringing you 27 years of guitar love! 

 Whether you're just pickin' your first string or shredding solo lines, I've helped hundreds (literally!) find their musical happy place. 

My lessons, for both acoustic and electric players, are all about playing the music YOU love, overcoming challenges with a smile, and discovering the pure joy of making music. 

Let's craft your personalised musical adventure, in person or online - come join the guitar fun.