Unleashing Your Child's Musical Potential: The Benefits of a 3/4 Sized Guitar

Guitar Playability Made Easy

Venturing into the world of guitars for your child can be like navigating a maze, with a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. The size of the guitar your child starts their musical journey with is crucial for progression. 

It's important they can comfortably reach all the vital parts of the guitar to learn how to play correctly. Among all the options, the 3/4 length guitar, often called a "three quarter guitar" or a "junior guitar 3/4 size", has distinct advantages.

Learning Guitar made easier

The 3/4 size guitar, sometimes referred to as a "3/4 inch guitar" due to its relative size, offers an incredible advantage in terms of playability. These guitars, being smaller than full-sized versions, are ideal for younger children. 

This is why it is often termed as a "children's 3/4 guitar". With frets closer together, it's easier for little fingers to reach and form chords, making the learning process less daunting and smoother.

Guitar Shops Northern Ireland

When you step into the Adrian Curran Guitars world, you're stepping into a unique music experience that goes beyond a typical guitar shop.

I focus on delivering an exceptional beginner’s guitar bundle designed specifically for children.

Lightweight and travel friendly

Another advantage of the 3/4 sized guitar is its weight and portability. Weighing less than their full-sized counterparts, these guitars are easier for your child to handle, carry, and transport. 

This factor becomes invaluable, especially if your child will be taking their guitar to lessons or school performances..

Don't be fooled by the size

Don't be fooled by its size. The 3/4 size acoustic guitar or 3/4 size guitar classical delivers remarkable sound quality. The compact size doesn't hinder the tonal richness or volume of the guitar. In fact, this "3 4 acoustic guitar" contributes to a more balanced and focused tone, which is perfect for young beginners.

Tailored Beginner’s Bundle

Hailing from the picturesque town of Warrenpoint, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, I've spent over 30 years mastering the guitar and teaching others.

I noticed a problem: many students struggled with oversized, low-quality guitars. So, I decided to solve it. I set up a beginner's guitar "shop" in my studio, ensuring students start off with the right guitar

I specialise in providing the best beginner’s guitar bundle, tailored for 3/4 size guitars. This package includes a beautifully crafted children's 3/4 guitar, essential accessories, and a wealth of resources designed to aid your child's learning journey.

Purchasing a 3/4 size guitar from Adrian Curran's Guitar Shop Northern Ireland isn't just about the immediate benefits. 

It's about giving your child a head-start into a lifelong love for music. The ease, comfort, and sound quality of a 3/4 size guitar can inspire confidence, creativity, and enthusiasm in a young musician.

Kids Guitar Size Guide Adrian Curran Guitars

The Kid's Starter Guitar Bundle

I’m here to help nurture your child's passion for music, one strum on their 3/4 guitar at a time. Let their musical adventure begin with a strum on a 3/4 sized guitar—they will remember this moment as the first step in their lifelong love for music.

Why my guitar bundle is the best quality, best value and the best choice for starter guitarists.

Complete Musical Journey

When you're selecting your child’s first guitar, remember that with me, you're not just buying a guitar—you’re investing in a complete musical journey tailored for beginners

It's a No Brainer

With a quality beginner's guitar, essential accessories, and engaging online lessons and interactive games, you're ensuring your child's musical journey starts off on an exciting, enriching note. As a parent, it's the ideal way to introduce your child to the wonderful world of music.

Check out the Kid's 3/4 Guitar Bundles

Let your child's musical adventure begin with a strum on an Adrian Curran guitar.

What you get in the bundle

My Kid's Starter Guitar Bundle includes the following:

Guitar (choose the appropriate size for your child)
Essential Accessories - tuner, stand, bag, picks, strings and more
10 superb online video guitar lessons
Interactive Guitar Games
Kid's Guitar Playbook (Digital Copy - print off as many copies as you want!)

Check out the Size Guide

Confused as to what the correct sized guitar for your child is - click below for the Kid's Guitar Size Guide

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