Minor Strums, Major Dreams:
1/2  Half Guitar for Kids 

Adrian Curran Guitar 1:2 GUITAR SIZE

Embarking on the guitar journey with the right instrument is pivotal for aspiring young musicians. 

The 1/2 Size Guitar is an impeccable choice, embodying the essence of playability, resilience, and educational richness. 

This half-size guitar acoustic bundle is designed for children aged 5-8 and is suitable for heights of 90cm-130cm, including everything a young learner needs to start their musical path.

10 no brainer reasons to get this guitar

1. Comprehensive Package for Young Learners

Featuring a high-quality half-size acoustic guitar with a basswood body, nato neck, and maple fretboard, nylon strings, and a total length of 86.36 cm in a light brown matte finish, this bundle offers the perfect start. 

Essential accessories such as a guitar bag, stand, tuner, spare strings, picks, and a guitar novelty gift are included, making it a full set-up for beginners. 

For those looking to buy a guitar in the UK and Ireland, this bundle represents an excellent choice, ensuring young musicians receive an instrument tailored to their needs.

2. Exclusive Educational Extras

Learners benefit from 10 online guitar lessons with Adrian Curran, a Kid's Guitar Chord Interactive Play Book, a Chordword Colouring Book, and exclusive membership to the Bitesize Guitar Community. 

These additions make the acoustic guitar 1/2 size bundle invaluable for beginners, offering interactive and engaging ways to learn and practice guitar fundamentals.

3. Optimally Tailored for Growing Musicians

The 1/2 guitar is perfectly sized for kids aged 5-8, offering comfortable grip and playability.

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4. Featherlight and Effortless to Maneuver

The guitar 1/2 size is light enough for easy handling by young musicians, encouraging regular practice.

5. Engineered for Maximum Comfort

The 1/2 size guitar is gentle on tender fingers, ensuring a pleasant learning experience.

6. Captivating Sound

Despite its modest size, the guitar produces a rich, warm sound, making every strum count.

7. Durability that Endures

Built with a robust basswood body and nato neck, the 1/2 size acoustic guitars are reliable companions.

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8. Play-Ready from the Moment of Unboxing

The guitar arrives tuned and ready, enabling immediate musical exploration.

9. Supportive Learning Environment

Access to a nurturing community for shared growth and learning

A Valuable Investment in Your Child’s Musical Future

Equips your child with a quality instrument and comprehensive learning tools.

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Kids Guitar Size Guide Adrian Curran Guitars

The Perfect Guitar First Step into Music

The Adrian Curran Guitar Bundle Highlights:

The half-size guitar acoustic ensures comfort and easy playability and is perfectly sized for 

Stay in Tune: The included tuner keeps the guitar always sounding beautiful.
Safe and Ready: The guitar stand protects the instrument and keeps it ready for play.
Portability: The gig bag makes it easy to carry the guitar to various events.

An Investment in Musical Growth

Your Kid's Starter Guitar questions answered

What's the appropriate guitar type and size for my child's age?

Choose a guitar size based on your child's age and arm length.

Should my child start with an acoustic or electric guitar?

Acoustic guitars are more portable, while electric guitars have thinner strings for easier playing.

How much should I budget for a beginner guitar and accessories?

Budget £100-£300 for a beginner guitar and £50-£100 for accessories.

Which guitar brands and models are best for young players?

Brands like Startone, Harley Benton,  Yamaha, Vintage and Squier offer beginner-friendly options.

Adrian Curran Starter Guitar

Guitar Fingers Checklist

Ergonomic Design for Comfort: Choose a guitar with an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your child's hands and is lightweight enough for easy handling.
Playability Features:Opt for a model with gentle nylon strings and low action, making it easier for kids to press, strum, and form chords.
Tuning and Sound Quality :Select a guitar known for its tuning stability to minimise adjustments and one that offers a vibrant sound to inspire continued practice.

Check out my website for Kid's Guitar Starter Packs at GEETAR GIFTS

Mastering Guitar Fundamentals: Finger Placement, Strength, and Coordination

Mastering Guitar Fundamentals: Finger Placement, Strength, and Coordination

Guitar Momentum, No Guitar No Problem

Guitar Momentum, No Guitar No Problem

Basics of chord progressions

Basics of chord progressions

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